This page is probably the most interesting for every real gear-guy. It would be interesting for me too as I like to see what kind of toys other guys have and what they are doing their sessions with. I have a lot of different gear so it takes a lot of time to make a picture of every single item and to post it here. But I don't give up :)
I started to make this website some time ago and I add new gear items all the time. In future I would like to add also some additional info to each item to provide complete description. So come here later to see what's new. As I have a lot of stuff I also agree to sell or exchange some pieces. If you are interested, just drop a line and we can make a deal!

How to browse the collection

Collection is divided into five categories. To browse the gear items select category at first.

Speedos, shorts and other swimwear

Gas masks, respirators, breathing apparatuses

Scuba masks, rubber diving suits

NBC suits, hazmat suits, work clothes, military


Latex, wetsuits, sportgear

About the collection

Some items of the collection are marked with different colors. Every color has its own meaning:

  • With green color are marked items I offer to sell for shown price or if interested it can be exchanged for some other items of yours.
  • Orange color means there is detailed information available for the item. It can be more detailed description, more facts or some additional pictures, videos or links.
  • New items I recently added to the website are marked with blue color.

Selling rules

If you are interested to buy any gear marked with the "sell" icon, please contact me via e-mail. Please read also following rules about selling and shipping:

  • Price shown on website doesn't include shipping costs. I can ship worldwide but contact me first to get the shipping costs.
  • I accept payment only using PayPal or bank transfer.
  • Item is not shipped until the payment is made.
  • It is possible to sell the item on eBay with "Buy now" price.

Any question before buying, please ask!

Can be sold
Detailed info
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