As in our galaxy, objects have different distance from the sun. Those really near are very hot but farer we go the colder and darker everything is. Some objects are even so far we can't see them.

Same is with my interests and things I like to do. Some of them are really close to me so I can't imagine my life without them. On the other side there is also cold zone of my space containing things and activities I am not into or they don't excite me at all.

Hot things

Hot things
Latex, speedos and gas masks.

Three things I really love. I can wear them anytime and they always excite me.

Gas masks & respirators



Very close to me

Very close to me
Everything tight & shiny

Even not in my top 3 there is a lot of other types of gear I really like. Most of them are tight and/or shiny, doesn't matter what kind of fabric it is.

I am also interested in different types of masks especially in bondage ones and in those restricting your breath. Like to wear also scuba masks, dog masks or real-face latex masks. Combined with locked collar is always a big turn on for me.

Sports clothing


Shiny shorts

BDSM masks

Down jackets

Cycling suits


NBC & hazmat suits

Scuba gear

Realface masks

Racing swimsuits


Dog hoods

Chastity devices

Not exactly, but...

Not exactly, but...
...there can be some exceptions.

Well, this kind of gear is quite far from me and my interests. I don't have any of these as it doesn't excite me so much but sometimes I like to see it on the others.

Fit, muscled and masculine guys can make even this category very attractive for me.

Bike leathers

Footbal gear

Leather gear

Skin gear

Superhero costumes

SWAT gear


Waders & boots

Beyond my fetish universe

Beyond my fetish universe
There are also some things.

But they are so far and they don't influence me in any way. For somebody these can be number ones, for me no interest.

Cold zone.


High heels



Women clothes

Zentai suits